FIP Statement of Professional Standards - Code of Ethics for Pharmacist
(2004; 2 pages) [French] [Spanish]


A profession is identified by the willingness of individual practitioners to comply with ethical and professional standards, which exceed minimum legal requirements.

The pharmacist continues to be the health professional who is the expert on medicines.

Pharmacists are also given the responsibility to help people to maintain good health, to avoid ill health and, where medication is appropriate, to promote the rational use of medicines and to assist patients to acquire, and gain maximum therapeutic benefit from, their medicines. The role of the pharmacist is continuing to develop.

Recognising these circumstances, this statement of professional standards relating to codes of ethics for pharmacists is intended to reaffirm and state publicly, the obligations that form the basis of the roles and responsibilities of pharmacists. These obligations, based on moral principles and values, are provided to enable national associations of pharmacists, through their individual codes of ethics, to guide pharmacists in their relationships with patients, other health professionals and society generally.

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