Guidelines for Disposal of Pharmaceutical Wastes Supervised by National Drug Authority - Uganda
(2000; 3 pages)


National Drug authority is mandated by the act of Parliament "Chapter 206" 2000 Edition to regulate human Veterinary Medicines and other health Care products in Uganda for Quality, Safety and efficiency.

Expired pharmaceutical products and other substandard pharmaceutical products therefore present a serious threat to public health and to the environment. Their elimination from the public and subsequent disposal is embedded in NDAs mandate of ensuring that only safe, efficacious and quality drugs are availed to the entire population of Uganda.

It is against this background that these guidelines have been drawn. Their adoption and implementation will help improve quality of drugs on the market and public institutions and prevent access to expired and substandard drugs. These guidelines therefore provide a practical advice of the safe disposal of unsuitable pharmaceutical products and suggest feasible low-cost disposal options which will minimize risk to the public health and also minimize environmental pollution.

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