List of Globally Identified Websites of Medicines Regulatory Authorities. (As of November, 2009)
(2009; 7 pages)


The MRA websites were identified through the following means:

  • the list of 53 websites available from the WHO study of 2001;
  • available lists of MRA's in Europe

(, Africa ( and the Americas (;

  • an Internet search on (country name) plus DRA / drug authority / autoridad de medicamentos / autorité des medicaments, ministry of health / ministère de santé / ministerio de salud / saude;
  • contacting the National Programme Officers (NPO's) and WHO Regional Offices of the Essential Medicines and Pharmaceutical Policies department (EMP).

Links that were not working and websites that only mentioned the name of a MRA were not listed as MRA websites (links in black).

The existence or nonexistence of websites could not be confirmed for some countries. No website identified means that through the above search methodology, no website was found. Website does not exist means that National Programme Officers have confirmed that there is no website.

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