A Lista lijekova Zavoda zdravstvenog osiguranja Kantona Sarajevo. Esencijalna Lista, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH). (List A: Essential Drugs Covered by Health Insurance Bureau of Sarajevo Canton)
(2009; 20 pages)


The decision on the list of medications that are prescribed and issued at the expense of the Health Insurance Institute of Sarajevo Canton, as well as the manner of their prescribing and issuing Sarajevo Canton Government, at its eighth meeting held on 17 March 2009

The regular annual audit lists of drugs after a full calendar year of monitoring the consumption of drugs, medication list was prepared in which the internal changes that result from monitoring the change in the list of essential medicines, a change in the list of registered drugs in the Federation, the cessation of production of a number of drugs from the list, follow-up new therapeutic approaches, control the current consumption of drugs and ways of their prescribing.

These are the established lists of essential drugs required to provide health care within the standards of compulsory health insurance in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is binding and includes drugs that are funded by the county offices. Canton Sarajevo prepared a new decision on the list of drugs in a way that the existing list is separated into List A and B and defines the way procurement of drugs and selection of suppliers for both lists.

A essential list of medications consists of 135 generic drugs in 250 forms and intensity. These drugs treat common diseases that affect the majority of the population and should be available to patients at all times in adequate amounts.

List B drugs are drugs that are not completely covered. That is, the contribution by the Health Insurance Institute of Sarajevo Canton ranges from 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. This list has 56 generic drugs in 103 forms and strengths.

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