Somalia Standard Treatment Guidelines and Training Manual on Rational Management and Use of Medicines at the Primary Health Care Level. Second edition, 2006 (includes the Somalia Essential Medicines List 2006)
(2006; 154 pages)


For Somalia essential medicines list 2006 - See Annexe 1.

Somalia standard treatment guidelines and training manual on rational management and use of medicines at the primary health care level has been written primarily for health professionals working in maternal and child health and outpatient facilities. However, the book will be of major help to any one working with medicines, particularly doctors, nurses and pharmacists working in hospitals as well as those in private clinics and pharmacies.

Part 1: Somalia standard treatment guidelines describes the treatment aspects of diseases commonly encountered in Somalia. Each section consists of a short definition followed by common symptoms and signs of the disease, medicine treatment and prevention. The language is simple and is expected to pose no problems to the readers. This section is written in alphabetical order from Bacterial to Viral infections and readers can quickly refer to the section they are interested in.

Part 2: Training manual on rational management and use of medicines at the primary health care level can be studied individually or in groups. It can also be used as a teaching companion on the rational management and use of medicines. The manual starts with a chapter on health centre management and administration, since proper management of a clinic or health centre is prerequisite for smooth running of services. A chapter on management of medicines, covering the areas of procurement, storage and dispensing, is followed by a chapter on rational use of medicines, including some important aspects of irrational practices such as misuse of injections, overuse of antibiotics and the importance of making a correct diagnosis. The final chapter provides a methodology to investigate medicine use in health facilities...

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