Belize Drug Formulary and Therapeutics Manual, 9th Edition, 2009-2011
(2008; 536 pages)


(Essential Medicines List p21-49)

The ninth edition of the Belize National Formulary is being reviewed five years after the previous edition of 2002. In 2002 a review of the formulary was conducted with a consultancy by the consultant of the Barbados Drug Service. From that consultancy an essential Drugs list was developed, but there was no manual produced due to administrative difficulties.

Pharmaceuticals have assumed an increasing important role in the management of many diseases and therefore the rational use of medication provides an efficacious and cost effective means of treating these diseases. The design and layout of the text has been adopted from the World Health Organization model formulary to produce an updated, more user friendly and attractive quick reference guide. The formulary committee revised submissions by all specialties and eventually agreed on sixty-nine (69) product additions and twelve (12) deletions during a two days stake holder’s workshop held to obtain the final consensus on the list of drugs to be added and deleted. The drug listed in the formulary corresponds to the health care needs of the vast majority of the population taking into consideration the prevailing economic climate. A selected list of different drug products has an important influence on several key fiscal administrative and quality control requirements of the pharmaceutical logistics system.

With regards to drug procurement, purchasing power is greatly enhanced by the elimination of duplicate and non-essential products. On the clinical side, doctors are assured that the most effective and safe drugs (Drug of Choice) were selected for inclusion. It must be emphasized that the adoption of the formulary is not and arbitrary administrative or economic measure, but a therapeutically oriented tool to increase the availability of essentials drugs. However, in order for a drug formulary to exert its maximum impact on the care and cost of requirement of the health care system, its implementation and use must be mandated by regulation...

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