Making National Drug Policies a Development Priority. A Strategy Paper and Six Country Stories
(1995; 260 pages)


Editorial Note 1

Health and Drug Policies: Making Them the Top of the Agenda.

A Strategy Paper

Norway’s National Drug Policy: Its Evolution and Lessons for the Future Marit

Andrew, Bjørn Jøldal and Göran Tomson

A Search for Balance: Pharmaceuticals in Sri Lanka. Pioneering Steps in a Receptive Environment and Subsequent Accommodations

Krisantha Weerasuriya

Bangladesh: A Tough Battle for a National Drug Policy Zafrullah


Australian National Drug Policies: Facilitating or Fragmenting Health?

Mary Murray

One Step Forward, Many Steps Back: Dismemberment of India’s National Drug


Praful Bidwai

Drifting Through Time: Pharmaceutical Policies in Mexico

Nadine Gasman

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