NCD Alliance Briefing Paper - Access to Essential Medicines and Technologies for NCDs (Fully Referenced Version). (The NCD Alliance - Putting Non-communicable Diseases on the Global Agenda)
(2011; 8 pages)


Hundreds of millions of people with Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) are dying prematurely or suffering life threatening complications because they cannot access affordable and essential NCD medicines and technologies. Many of these lifesaving medicines are proven to work and cost just cents to produce. We have the medicines and technologies to save lives, but international funding is not available in LMICs. Funding for NCD medicines and technologies is critical for both treatment and prevention. Simple medicines given early can prevent or delay the onset of many NCDs and prevent secondary complications that cost lives, throw families into destitution and impose huge costs on vulnerable health systems. The good news is that effective policies and strategies exist to promote equitable access, including rational selection, evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, and policies to promote generic products, building capacity amongst health workers and better regulation to assure quality of NCD medicines and services. Written by the NCD Alliance Essential Medicines and Technologies for NCDs working group, this 4-page briefing also provides in-depth key recommendations at both the national and global level.

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