Access and Control Newsletter. No 008, August 2011
(2011; 7 pages)


The Access and Control Newsletter is sent by the World Health Organization, Department of Essential Medicines and Pharmaceutical Policies, Medicine Access and Rational Use Unit. The Newsletter provides you with the latest news from WHO on access to medicines controlled under the international drug treaties, both with regards to evaluation of substances for their dependence producing properties, and to improving access for medical use to medicines made from these substances. Contents:

  • WHO's Research Agenda for the Treatment of Pain in Children;
  • WHO Policy Guidelines Now Available in 14 Languages;
  • Professor Hamid Ghodse and Dr Wayne Hall Elected to INCB;
  • ATOME Lawyers Training Meeting Report;
  • Former Staff History on WHO Archives Website;
  • Calling WHO Extensions Using Skype;
  • A Spanish Handbook for Latin America: Uso de Opioides en Tratamiento Del Dolor.
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