Health Sector Support Programme Zimbabwe. Medicines Survey - Public Sector, January 2005
(2005; 116 pages)


The objectives of this survey were to: Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the NDP with respect to ensuring availability and rational use of low cost, good quality medicines; To promote regular local monitoring and evaluation of essential drugs in line with the NDP by pharmacy managers; Link information from EC funded monitoring teams work into a national perspective and; To avail policy makers with information to make decisions on policies and strategies that influence the national direction.

The surveys undertaken since 1987 have played an important role in measuring progress in the pharmaceutical sector, assessing achievement in relation to implemented activities identified and prioritising problems or problem areas. The surveys have also been used as a strong M&E tool for the implementation of the NDP.

The survey was designed on the previous ZEDAP Public Sector Survey objective and methodology, and adapted to measure new developments within the sector. Of particular interest were aspects related to ARV, Finance and Good Pharmacy Practices related to three area: Service Quality, Medicines Management Quality and Quality of Dispensing and Care. A workshop with participation of all major stakeholders was organised to discuss and agree on the design of the survey. Surveyors were trained in data collection a process – the training sessions also served as a process of pilot-testing the data collection tools.

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