Market Survey: Export of Indian Pharmaceuticals to Namibia. Final Report, March 2006
(2006; 58 pages)


This market survey has been conducted at the request of the High Commission of India to investigate the viability of exporting Indian pharmaceuticals to Namibia. The aim and scope of this market survey is to research the market for pharmaceuticals in Namibia in order to give Indian manufacturers and service providers an overview of the market size, conditions and growth opportunities. This survey will define the market parameters in terms of size, growth and structure. The second aim of this survey is to help Indian manufacturers and exporters to identify which product segments may offer them the greatest market potential for medicines. Thirdly, promotional strategic aimed at assisting Indian exporters seeking to penetrate this market will identified and discussed. Armed with a better picture of market features and trends, Indian exporters can then decide if the cost of the marketing investment necessary to establish a market foothold in the Namibian market is justified by their own projected sales and profit forecasts. Fourthly, the names of potential importers are provided together with the details of the relevant trade fairs where effective promotion can take place. For the completion of this study the consultant undertook a comprehensive literature review of existing sources of information and data on the economies of Namibia and India (secondary research) with particular focus on the pharmaceutical industry, as well as trading relationship between the two countries. Secondary research involves collecting market information indirectly from outside sources, i.e. government reports, published trade statistics, academic studies, and private surveys. There is always a risk involved in secondary market research, i.e., collection methods may be flawed, the data may be incomplete, analysis procedures may be incorrect, or dates on the reports may be recent but the information itself is obsolete. Because it is less costly and quicker than primary market research, it is often used by smaller companies, especially those who plan to sell their products through export sales representatives within the foreign market. As part of the process, questionnaires were sent and interviews were held with Namibian Government authorities, pharmaceutical wholesalers, retailers and stakeholders. Discussions were also held with selected Indian counterparts based in India and South Africa.

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