Report on the Uganda Pharmaceutical Sector Scan. Part of Component 1 of MeTA Baseline Assessments, June 2010
(2010; 9 pages)


From 17th May to 4th June 2010, a pharmaceutical Sector Scan was conducted in order to assemble a core set of existing information about Uganda’s pharmaceutical sector and to highlight key information gaps. A range of public and private sector institutions were scanned by a team of three consultants to assemble existing country-level data, assess their validity, flag inconsistencies between sources, and provide the most up-to-date summary of existing information. Key data was entered in a structured format using data forms which were classified according to the following domains:

  1. Country Profile;
  2. Medicines Policy and Regulatory Framework;
  3. Medicines Market;
  4. Medicines Financing;
  5. Medicines Trade;
  6. Medicines Supply System;
  7. Medicines Access;
  8. Medicines Use.
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