Antimicrobial Resistance, Antibiotic Usage and Infection Control. A Self-Assessment Program for Indonesian Hospitals
(2005; 54 pages)


Antimicrobial resistance of bacteria is a worldwide and ever growing problem, directly linked to the use if antimicrobial drugs. Resistant bacteria emerge under the selective pressure of antibiotics. In hospitals, where large-scale usage of antibiotics is common, bacteria resistant to several antibiotics frequently occur and generate serious problems for the treatment of patients with infections by these microorganisms.

To reduce the problem of antimicrobial resistance action should be taken along two tracks: promotion of the prudent use of antibiotics and prevention of the spread of resistant bacteria. With this the prevention of antimicrobial resistance becomes the responsibility of every healthcare worker. Doctors when it comes to rational use of antibiotics, doctors and every other healthcare worker who has contact with patients, then it comes to carefully applying the rules for infection control and hospital hygiene.

This document presents the validated package for self-assessment, which is developed on the basis of the results of the AMRIN study.

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