SCMS Supply Lines - October 2008 (Supply Chain Management System's HIV/AIDS e-Newsletter)
(2008; 8 pages)


Indeed, at the recent International AIDS Conference in Mexico City the conversation was no longer “Can we?” but “How well are we doing?” Three million people are now on antiretroviral treatment (ART) worldwide, and one million people are coming onto treatment each year. As a PEPFAR implementer, SCMS has played a significant role.

As of October 1, 2008, we had delivered $200.5 million in HIV/AIDS commodities since the beginning of the project. Consistently more than 90 percent of ARVs we purchase are generic products, which has saved our clients more than $201 million against the cost of equivalent branded drugs, money that can be used to treat even more patients. By purchasing lower-cost generics and making the prices that we pay available through our e-catalog, we have helped bring down the cost of critical HIV/AIDS medicines to as little as $90 per year for some regimens. And now we are purchasing large orders of test kits, laboratory supplies and medicines to treat opportunistic infections (OI).

The conversation in Mexico City also focused on how HIV/AIDS programs can help strengthen the overall public health system. In this issue of Supply Lines, you’ll read about how SCMS is doing just that. You’ll also learn about important trends in HIV/AIDS supply chains, how our quality assurance program is helping protect patients from receiving substandard medicines to treat OI’s, and how our team in Haiti is helping to ensure continued access to HIV/AIDS services after the devastating hurricanes...

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