Philippines Pharmaceutical Situation. 2009 WHO Household Survey on Medicines
(2009; 43 pages)


A field study to measure access to and use of medicines was undertaken in the Philippines in 2008-2009 using a standardized methodology developed by the World Health Organization. Results of the survey raise equity issues in access to basic medicines. The facility survey, which has been piloted concomitantly, is providing convergent signals on availability and affordability of medicines in the same sampled area. In a context where the Philippines are now looking towards Universal Health Care, strategies to achieve this ambition will have to take careful consideration of key medicines availability and affordability at all level of health care. The definition of adequate policies and mechanisms to tackle these issues will be part critical components of the realization of Universal Health Care in the Philippines. Studies such as the Facility and Household surveys can provide useful insights and baseline assessment to technical and political leaders in the country. Their list of indicators and variables might need to be more selective and harmonized with other national surveys in order to provide the framework for a regular monitoring and evaluation of medicines policies and interventions undertaken in the Philippines.

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