National Medicine Policy, 2003 - Transitional Islamic Government of Afghanistan
(2003; 9 pages)


In the framework of the general policy of the Ministry of Public Health to serve the goals of health, economic welfare and national development, a national medicines policy is to be instituted. This present document defines that policy. A policy document of this type does not constitute a law or lay down firm rules. Its principal purpose is to explain what the goals of national policy will be in this field, goals which have been widely discussed and accepted. It will also provide, by way of example, some of the ways in which a government can hope to achieve those goals, and some of the institutions, which will be involved. All further details will be provided in the Law on Medicines, which is intended to bring the policy into effect, and in the various regulations, which will be developed under that Law.

A policy document such as this is largely concerned with long-term objectives, which often change little over time. However in a country such as Afghanistan,
which is likely to develop rapidly, further elaboration of the policy will surely be called for after some five years and if necessary it can be revised earlier.

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