Human Resources for Health Country Profile- Jordan
(2010; 116 pages)


The purpose of the HRH Jordan profile is to serve as a tool for: providing a comprehensive picture of the Health Workforce situation in Jordan; presenting the HRH policies and management situation; strengthening the human resources information system in Jordan by establishing evidence for baselines and trends; facilitating information sharing and cross-country comparisons; and contributing towards producing regional HRH profiles. This is a cross –sectional study that adopted a descriptive and analytical methodology. Data was compiled from available reports, studies and statistics related to HRH for public and private health sector stakeholders. Personal and telephone interviews and field studies were conducted with identified representatives from different stakeholders to fill in the HRH information gaps. Since Jordan HRH Observatory is still in its infancy stage, some data mainly related to gender, age and geographical distribution were not available or not complete. Few estimations by well experienced professionals who are very well familiar with the relevant profession were done to fill such gaps. These estimations were validated by peers from the same profession

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