Affordable and Quality Health Care for All. “Aneh Dhivehi Raajje” The Strategic Action Plan, National Framework for Development 2009 - 2013, page 80 to 98. The Government of Maldives
(2009; 20 pages)


Providing quality healthcare for all; in the past most Maldivians have not had any insurance plan to pay for their medical expenses. This has created a heavy burden for the government and resulted in an out of control welfare situation. Therefore, the government plans to introduce and implement a basic health insurance scheme accessible to all citizens. The mission of the new government is to “provide affordable, accessible and quality health care for all” as a human right by establishing internationally accepted standards of health care, by improving the quality of health services; establishing better referral systems and high quality regional health centres; assuring health care training opportunities to Maldivians; reducing the costs of health care; setting up an inclusive social health insurance system; and encouraging private sector participation in health.

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