Mapping of Partners' Procurement and Supply Management Systems for Medical Products
(2010; 26 pages)


The Federal Government of Nigeria has continued to put in resources to enhance access to health for her population. To achieve this aim, several partners such as multilateral and bilateral agencies, as well as non governmental organisations support the government with funds, donations as well as technical expertise in improving access to essential medicines.

The objective of this survey is to map the support provided by these partners in medicines procurement and distribution. These include the financial flows, policies and mechanisms put in place to manage the procurement and supply management of products.

Atotal of 22 partners consisting of 8 multilateral, 8 bilateral and 7 non- governmental organizations (NGOs) who currently support the procurement of medicines and other pharmaceutical supplies were surveyed. There was unwillingness by partners to fully disclose their financial contributions to the procurement and supply of medicines and medical products, making complete analysis of situation impossible...

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