A Practical Handbook on the Pharmacovigilance of Antiretroviral Medicines (Edition 2013)
(2013; 150 pages)

There is an urgent need to develop robust pharmacovigilance systems for antiretrovirals particularly in resource-limited settings. This detailed manual gives a step by step approach to undertaking the pharmacovigilance of these medicines. Good pharmacovigilance will identify the risks in the shortest possible time after the medicine has been marketed and will help to identify risk factors. This manual describes the principles of both spontaneous reporting systems and cohort event monitoring programmes. It is intended to be a source of practical advice for Pharmacovigilance Centres and health professionals involved in HIV/AIDS programmes. Following the success of the manual, which was first published in 2009, this new edition includes revised questionnaires and guidance documents, making it an even more valuable resource for all who are involved in the development of pharmacovigilance systems for antiretrovirals.
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