National Drug Policy (2005 – 2009)- Republic of The Sudan
(2005; 21 pages) [Arabic]


In spite of the recognition of the basic role played by medicines in the protection and maintenance of human health and treatment of human ailments yet national health policies and plans during the first decade after independence did not include drug policies or plans for providing the needs of those health policies and plans with assured efficacy, safety and quality medicinal products; which have greatly increased in their numbers and sources and without being subjected to any significantly effective control.

The decade of the seventies saw an increase in the many drug problems from which most developing countries suffered; e.g. marketing of substandard medicines; misleading drug promotion; inaccurate assessment of drug needs; irrational prescribing, irrational dispensing and use of medicines; improper pricing practices; insignificant local drug production; acute shortage in foreign exchange needed to import medicines and last but not least poor drug regulation and control. Sudan has suffered from all these problems during that decade...

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