WHO Expert Committee on the Use of Essential Drugs, 18-22 November 1991 - WHO Technical Report Series, No. 825 (Fifth Report and Seventh List)
(1992; 80 pages)

The Expert Committee decided to prepare its report as a self-contained document and to incorporate into it those parts of the previous report that require no modification or merely bringing up to date. The seventh list will be found in section 15 of this report, and explanations of the changes in section 16. In a report to the Twenty-eighth World Health Assembly in 1975, the Director-General reviewed the main drug problems facing the developing countries and outlined possible new drug policies. The Director-General also referred to the experience gained in some countries where schemes of basic or essential drugs had been implemented. Such schemes were intended to extend the accessibility of the most necessary drugs to populations whose basic health needs could not be met by the existing supply system. The Director-General pointed out that the selection of these essential drugs would depend on the health needs and on the structure and development of the health services of each country. Lists of essential drugs should be drawn up locally, and periodically updated, with the advice of experts in public health, medicine, pharmacology, pharmacy and drug management. He also considered that adequate information on the properties, indications and use of the drugs listed should be provided. By resolution WHA28.66, the Health Assembly requested the Director-General to implement the proposals contained in his report and, in particular, to advise Member States on the selection and procurement, at reasonable cost, of essential drugs of established quality corresponding to their national health needs. Following wide consultation, an initial Model List of Essential Drugs was included in the first report of the Expert Committee on the Selection of Essential Drugs. This has subsequently been revised and updated in five further reports.
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