National Policy on Traditional Medicine and Regulation of Herbal Medicines - Report of a WHO Global Survey
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5. Country summaries

The country summaries included in this chapter follow a generalized template that includes the status and year of establishment of the following: policy on TM/CAM (national policy, law/regulation, national programme, national office, and national institutes) and the regulation of herbal medicine (law/regulation, regulatory status types, claim types, pharmacopoeia and monographs used, manufacturing requirements and control mechanisms, safety requirements and control mechanisms, registration system, essential drug list, post marketing surveillance, site of marketing and annual sales). These summaries are provided for all 134 countries that responded to the survey. In some cases, complete information was never provided, therefore data is incomplete for some countries. In other cases, relevant health focal points provided additional information at some point during the working procedure. When the information was directly relevant to the subjects listed above, it was incorporated into the summary.

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