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National Policy on Traditional Medicine and Regulation of Herbal Medicines - Report of a WHO Global Survey
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The World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledges its indebtedness to the WHO Member States that provided the information contained in this summary report through the WHO Global Survey on the Regulation of Traditional Medicine (TM) and Complementary/Alternative Medicine (CAM) and the Regulation of Herbal Medicines. Thanks are due to the Regional Offices and WHO Representative offices for actively and diligently overseeing the distribution and return of the Global Survey.

WHO expresses its sincere appreciation to the Government of Sweden for providing financial support through the Swedish expertise funds to finance the drafting of the global survey form by the team at the Karolinska Institut, Stockholm, Sweden, headed by Dr Torkel Falkenberg.

WHO expresses its great appreciation to the Nippon Foundation for financial support through its overseas grant scheme (Project ID 2002225511 and Project ID 2004401227) for the processing of Global Survey data, the establishment of a WHO global database, achieving the objectives set for the Global Survey itself, and the publication of this summary report of the survey results.


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