Stability of Oral Oxytocics in Tropical Climates - Results of Simulation Studies on Oral Ergometrine, Oral Methylergometrine, Buccal Oxytocin and Buccal Desamino-Oxytocin - EDM Research Series No. 012
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Definitions used in the study

Table I: Definitions used in the study

Stability: The ability of a drug to retain its properties within specified limits throughout its shelf-life. The following aspects of stability are to be considered: chemical, physical, microbiological and biopharmaceutical.

Shelf-life: The period of time during which a drug product is expected, if stored correctly, to remain within specifications as determined by stability studies on a number of batches of the product. The shelf-life is used to establish the expiry date of each batch.

Source: WHO Expert Committee on Specifications for Pharmaceutical Preparations. Geneva: 1990; Tech Rep Series 790:30

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