Injection Use and Practices in Uganda - EDM Research Series No. 014
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The methods applied in data collection for the present study were those specifically developed for Injection Practice Research in three countries - Indonesia, Senegal and Uganda. At two informal workshops organized by WHO, the research methodology was reviewed and standardized with respect to core data collection methods and data analysis to allow for comparison of research results and without compromising the need for country specific modifications in the conduct of research.4 Apart from following guidelines developed by WHO, our study covered questions that were relevant to the Uganda context. For example, in the household questionnaire, questions were included on the possession of injection equipment and injectables at home and users’ experiences with injection complications.

4 The proceedings of the Informal Workshops on Injection Practices Research were published by WHO: 1) WHO/DAP/91.8; 2) WHO/DAP/92.2; combined in WHO/DAP/92.9.

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