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Safety Monitoring of Medicinal Products: Guidelines for Setting Up and Running a Pharmacovigilance Centre
(2000; 28 pages) [French]
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An estimation of the amount of money needed for pharmacovigilance can be calculated as a function of the rate of reporting required and the size of the population (see § 5.3 and 6.1). The collection of quantitatively and qualitatively good data and the careful assessment and distribution of such information obviously have a price. A pharmacovigilance centre should have some basic, regular source of funding in order to ensure continuity in its work. Such funding may be obtained as part of the drug registration fee, or through a special mandatory pharmacovigilance contribution. Both can be included in the budget of the drug regulatory authority.

Apart from the basic resources, the centre may try to get additional funding from various parties with an interest in pharmacovigilance. Institutions that may be approached include:

• health insurance companies and health insurance funds
• university departments
• professional associations
• governmental departments with an interest in drug safety.

In view of the great commercial and public health consequences of adverse reactions, the continuity of the funding of pharmacovigilance should be guaranteed and not be susceptible to possible pressure groups, political changes or economic factors.

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