Cross-Programmatic Consultation on the Role of Primary Care in the Responsible Use of Medicines and the Reduction of Antimicrobial Resistance
(2019; 5 pages)


This meeting was held from the 30 October to the 1 November 2018 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The meeting brought together participants from 16 countries of central Asia, Caucasus, eastern Europe and expert speakers from western Europe and India. Participants discussed the analysis and use of data on antimicrobial medicines consumption, country experiences in enforcing legislation for prescription-only access to antibiotics, the role of primary health care (PHC) in tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR), strategies to improving competencies of practitioners using evidence-based clinical protocols and public engagement in the responsible use of medicines. Moving toward prescription-only access to antibiotics requires that government involve, from the onset, different stakeholders, e.g. public, patients, practitioners, pharmacists and pharmaceutical industry in designing and applying policies that ensure access to antibiotics accompanied by measures that promote responsible use and limit excessive use.

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