Sierra Leone Program Update: Strengthening Quantification Practices. (Sierra Leone Pharmaceutical Dashboard Will Serve as an Early Warning System That Will Contribute to Averting Stock-outs, Avoiding Emergency Procurements and Ensuring Uninterrupted Supply of All Key Products)
(2017; 4 pages)


SIAPS supported the establishment and initial training of a national quantification committee and seven quantification technical working groups in October 2016. The national quantification committee and the technical working groups are coordination mechanisms for effective management of pharmaceuticals in the country. SIAPS also supported the Directorate of Drugs and Medical Supplies (DDMS) and the Free Health Care Initiative (FHCI) technical working group in conducting a multiyear quantification of pharmaceuticals. Data from multiple sources, including the SIAPS-supported Continuous Results Monitoring and Support System, were used to support evidence-based decision making. SIAPS also trained all members of the tuberculosis quantification technical working group on the use of QuanTB, a quantification and early warning tool SIAPS developed to improve quantification and procurement processes for TB medicines.

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