Regional Workshop on Strengthening Quantification and Procurement of Essential Medicines. Report of a regional workshop New Delhi, India, 10–12 June 2014
(2014; 72 pages)


This regional workshop on Strengthening Quantification and Procurement of Medicines was held 10-12 June 2014 to improve efficient medicines procurement and quantification mechanisms and processes. Information was shared on all aspects of drug quantification and procurement. Ten of eleven Member States of the Region participated in the workshop. All countries had conducted a situational analysis of medicines in health care delivery during 2010-2013 and during the workshop each country developed an action plan to strengthen drug supply building on past findings and taking into account technical information and support provided during the workshop. Plenary discussion took place on how countries of the region could work together to support each other in medicines procurement. It was concluded that all countries need to establish unified, wide-reaching electronic drug management information systems for better quantification and medicines management and that availability of essential medicines should be monitored and Standard Operating Procedures followed for all aspects of drug management. It was further concluded that mechanisms need to be established to share information that could ease drug procurement such as drug prices, supplier performance, product quality problems, and registration status of pharmaceutical products.

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