Encouraging Increased Adherence to Treatment Standards Through Drug Utilization Reviews in Ukraine
(2016; 3 pages)


When doctors and patients fail to adhere to proper standards of treatment, it results in a higher disease burden, including greater financial costs, mortality, and morbidity. In Ukraine, the need to encourage better adherence to standard treatment guidelines became clear in 2011, when a study by SIAPS’ predecessor, the Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems (SPS) Program, found that only 13% of 240 reviewed TB cases in the Kyiv Oblast, an administrative division in central Ukraine, were treated in accordance with the national treatment guidelines.

Drug utilization reviews (DURs) are a highly useful tool to identify common problems in medicines management, such as incorrect dosing and avoidable adverse drug reactions, and can thereby be used to encourage adherence to treatment guidelines. DURs offer a means for analysis of rational medicine use (RMU), and, if implemented on a constant basis, provide valuable data for decision making on services enhancement. SIAPS Program carried out a DUR pilot in Ukraine in 2015, which highlighted both improvements and remaining challenges of medicines use in the Ukrainian context.

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