Sudan Journal of Rational Use of Medicine. SJRUM, Issue No. 07 - March 2014 (Irrational Prescribing)
(2014; 32 pages)


We are pleased to present to you our 7th issue of SJRUM, which comes under the theme of irrational medicines' prescribing. The issue includes articles, research, and case studies revolving around the theme. Financial implications on irrational prescribing are given, beside educational material that is informative and may help professionals use medicines rationally.

To reach many stakeholders, and disseminate knowledge about RUM, the NMICRL, beside the SJRUM, made a TV show on the theme of the previous issue “self-medication” with emphasis on antibiotics and pain killers. Preparation for the forthcoming workshop on irrational use of medicines is underway. It is anticipated that the workshop will contribute to raising the awareness about the problem.

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