Fiji Essential Medicines List. 4th edition, April 2015
(2015; 70 pages)


The 4th edition of the Fiji Essential Medicines List (EML) has been revised from the 3rd edition and has been compiled and reviewed by the Essential Medicines Authority with the National Medicines & Therapeutic Committee of Fiji (NMTC) using National Standard Treatment Guidelines (STGs) and Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs).

The Fiji EML is based on the World Health Organization’s concept of essential medicines, which aims to ensure all medicines listed satisfy the priority health care needs of the Fijian people. The NMTC reviews each medicine for its public health relevance, efficacy, safety and comparative cost-effectiveness.

This edition of the Fiji EML reflects the National Medicinal Products Policy 2013 concept of rational use of medicines and focuses strongly on the Standard Treatment Guidelines and Clinical Practice Guidelines driving medicines use in Fiji. By using this concept, the aim is to ensure medicines are rationally prescribed adhering to the relevant STGs and CPGs; thereby resulting in accurately predicting medicine usage which will ensure medicine availability at all times in adequate amounts, with assured quality, safety and efficacy and at a price the Fijian community and the Government can afford.

A new streamlined format has been implemented, listing the medicines according to therapeutic areas, thereby making the EML more user-friendly. The alphabetical list of previous editions has been replaced by the index. The index lists all medicines on the EML alphabetically and gives corresponding page numbers in the List which allows readers to quickly locate a medicine in the EML.

In addition, this edition has retained the Vital Medicines and Nursing Station Emergency Kit Lists and includes forms and procedures for: reporting adverse medicine reactions, incidents and medicines issues; applications for amendments to the EML / Therapeutic Guidelines and requests for non-EML medicines.

For any queries regarding the EML please contact the Secretary of the NMTC, Fiji Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Services (FPBS), P.O. Box 106, Suva or by facsimile 3388 003. The next edition of the EML will be reviewed in 2016.

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