Requirements for an Open-Source Pharmacy Dispensing and Stores Management Software Application for Developing Countries
(2008; 14 pages)


All health care delivery programs require a robust and reliable drug supply system. Stock-outs can have severe negative effects on patient care, especially in the case of complex, chronic diseases like HIV and TB when poor outcomes, such as drug resistance and death, can often result.

The last ten years have seen a significant increase in the use of computers in the developing world to track medicine inventory, dispense medicines to patients, and record and analyze patient medical records, including their medicine regimens. Each of these applications operates primarily as an independent system.

By adding one pharmacy application that integrates data from the existing systems, we can greatly increase the accuracy and ease of the creation of medical orders and stock management, while decreasing the number of medical supply stock-outs. This new pharmacy quantification, analysis, and reporting (QAR) application, the data that must be exchanged between it and existing applications, and the required functionality. Finally, it is argued that by developing standards for this data exchange, a variety of electronic medical record (EMR) systems and other health management systems can benefit from the pharmacy QAR functionality.

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