Access to Medicines an Issue of Social Justice. Contact N°196 - December 2013
(2013; 15 pages)


EPN believes access to medicines is a basic human right and every effort should be made to ensure that all actors in the health sector take up the challenge of ensuring that medicines are available, accessible and affordable to all, including the poor and marginalised. This sentence is taken from the EPN strategy (2010-2015).

Access to medicines is still number one of the four strategic priority areas of EPN.

8 articles:

  • Access to medicines: our right, our responsibility
  • Access to medicines and principles of social justice
  • Universal health care and access to medicines - an Australian pharmacist’s perspective
  • Social justice and medical innovation: why the system needs reforming
  • Strengthening faith-based health provider systems for improved access to routine immunization?
  • Kisiizi Hospital Community health insurance - delivering medicines & quality health care to desperately poor rural communities
  • Action medeor extends its services to the rural periphery in Southern Tanzania
  • Access to quality medicines
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