Southern Sudan Pharmacy Protocol, 2007 - Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS)
(2007; 29 pages)


The Southern Sudan Pharmacy Protocol has been developed to provide a broad guide and reference document in the subsequent laws and regulations or other specific guidelines with a view to ensuring successful attainment of quality health care. It relates to the mission of the Ministry that strives to improve the health status of the population and ensure a sector wide quality health care to all the people of Southern Sudan, especially the most vulnerable, women and children.

The protocol draws from experiences dating back to the period before the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), as well as the current status of the pharmaceutical sector. It seeks to ensure that all aspects of pharmaceutical services, including medicines supply management that takes into account procurement, storage, distribution, as well as quality assurance and rational use, are adequately addressed. It seeks to ensure effective medicines regulations and control to minimize entry and circulation of substandard and counterfeit products, including veterinary medicines and supplies in the Southern Sudan pharmaceutical market. Furthermore, recognizing the contribution of Traditional Medicine practice in the overall health care delivery service of Southern Sudan, the protocol makes provision for the harnessing the benefits of traditional medicines with due consideration to safety and efficacy.

The goal of the Southern Sudan Pharmacy Protocol is to ensure that every person in the Southern Sudan has equal opportunity and access to quality, safe, effective pharmaceutical products and medical supplies, which are continuously available, affordable and put into rational use.

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