How to Investigate Access to Care for Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases in Low- and Middle-income Countries. A Survey Manual Based on a Rapid Assessment Protocol. Draft for Field Testing, May 2012
(2012; 98 pages)


This manual presents how to investigate access to care for NCDs, including necessary medicines and supplies. The manual will allow different stakeholders involved in NCDs in low- and middle-income countries to plan and conduct surveys to explore current patterns of, and barriers to, effective management, and to make recommendations in a short timescale and with limited resources.

Such a survey is required in many low- and middle-income countries to describe the present situation of single or multiple NCD(s) as well as to identify possible barriers to access care since effective strategies have not yet been established to tackle the rapid increase of NCDs. The survey will be the initial step in a series of further actions. The process is expected to raise awareness of the disease and to increase the availability of data on these conditions in countries where this is often lacking. This manual presents methods that are suited to such objectives. The methods are standardized at some level. Applicable standardized methods will be useful in particular for countries that cannot afford to devote much time and/or resources to conducting research. In addition, standardized methods will be helpful for cross-country comparison to contribute to broader global and regional policy issues, since control of a disease often needs wider strategies that go beyond the national level...

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