Sudan Journal of Rational Use of Medicine. SJRUM, Issue No. 01 - August 2012
(2012; 20 pages)


Illnesses and diseases may need medical attention and in some cases medicines to be taken. Medicines are vital to health problems and diseases; they could have a negative outcome if not used rationally.

Inappropriate utilization of medicines by the health care as well as the community at large is not very uncommon.

We are a group of healthcare professionals appointed by the Directorate of Pharmacy and the WHO (country office in Sudan) to promote rational use of medicines through publications. Our aim is to educate ourselves, our patients and citizens on Rational Use of Medicine (RUM)...


  • Editorial
  • Forward
  • Current Topic
    • What is RUM?
  • Practice Issues
    • Development of Chemotherapy Protocols at the Radiation and Isotope Centre Khartoum
  • Research Articles
    • Medicine-use Practices in Teaching Hospitals of Khartoum State, Sudan
    • The Impact of Drug Promotion Practices on Health Professional Prescribing in Teaching Hospitals, Khartoum State
    • Prescribing Patterns of Statins in Sudanese Patient
  • News and Updates
  • Guidelines to Good Practice
    • Guidelines to Rational Prescribing
  • Useful Tips
    • How to Use Oral Syringe
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