Guidelines for Importation and Export of Pharmaceuticals - National Drug Authority, Uganda
(4 pages)


These guidelines have been drawn in accordance with part V – CONTROL OF TRANSPORTATION, IMPORT AND EXPORT OF DRUGS, sections 43,44,45,and 46 of NDP/A Act CAP 206.

* All drugs to be imported must be registered unless given special clearance by National Drug Authority under section 8(4) of NDPA Act.

* All importers must have a valid import permit issued by NDA. The import permit may be:

a. Annual- which is issued for regular importers like – retail pharmacies, wholesale pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers or any organisation that regularly imports drugs and other related substances. Ministry of Health of Uganda and its affiliated units may also apply for an annual import permit.

b. Provisional import permits which is issued to non-regular importers who may import drugs, for some reason. The provisional import permit is issued per consignment of the items mentioned above. This usually applies to organisations, which receive donations, physicians or individuals who may for specified reasons need to bring limited quantities of specialised drugs that are not available in the country. The permit is valid for one month...

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