MDS-3: Managing Access to Medicines and Health Technologies (Third Edition)
(2012; 1088 pages)


Managing Drug Supply (MDS) is the leading reference on how to manage essential medicines in developing countries. MDS was originally published in 1982. It was revised in 1997 with over 10,000 copies distributed in over 60 countries worldwide. The third edition, MDS-3: Managing Access to Medicines and other Health Technologies reflects the dramatic changes in politics and public health priorities, advances in science and medicine, greater focus on health care systems, increased donor funding, and the advent of information technology that have profoundly affected access to essential medicines over the past 14 years.

The revised edition has many new areas that have been added or enhanced, including six new chapters:

  • Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines
  • Traditional and Complementary Medicines Policy
  • Pharmaceutical Pricing Policy
  • Pharmaceutical Benefits in Insurance Programs
  • Drug Seller Initiatives
  • Pharmacovigilance
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