Good Prescribing Manual For Ethiopia
(37 pages)


This first good prescribing manual is prepared to promote the rational use drugs in Ethiopia. It comprises of an introductory part, objectives of the manual, 5 chapters and 6 sections.

The introduction deals with some of the positive trends and deficiencies observed over time in the prescribing practice in Ethiopia. These were based on review of relevant local literature.

Chapter 1 deals with what is generally perceived as components of a good prescribing practice.

Chapter 2 introduces the important concept of P-(personal) treatment, and P- (personal) drug.

Chapter 3 presents guidelines for selection of P-drugs.

Chapter 4, which comprises the major portion of the manual, the use of P-drugs in the treatment of individual patients is illustrated using relevant examples.

The last chapter, (chapter 5) deals with need and resources for updating drug related information. References are given at the end of the document.

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