Procurement Guidelines, 2006. Goods & Works (National Procurement Agency - Sri Lanka)
(2006; 85 pages)


The Government of Sri Lanka has placed the highest priority to ensure that development efforts across all sectors are evenly balanced and distributed to all cross sectors of the society, in order to meet the overall national development and enhance the quality of life of its citizens.

To achieve the desired results it is imperative to ensure speed, transparency and integrity in all the development spheres and in regard to which the procurement function of goods, works and services plays a critical role.

The development programmes which are instituted and other in the pipe line include those which are financed by public funds as well as by external funding. Within this context the availability of a set of guidelines on procurement which harmonizes the processes to be followed under the different funding agency procedures has been identified and acknowledged by all providers of development funding as a vital factor.

It is in this context that the National Procurement Agency has been established under Presidential directive. The institution which functions directly under my purview is mandated to study, revise and adopt the procedures and processes in order to govern this vital aspect.

The efforts taken by the National Procurement Agency, within a period of one year from its inception, to study the several procedural documents which prevail in the sphere of public procurement and to formulate a single harmonized procurement guideline applicable over the different funding agency procedure is a significant and commendable achievement.

I trust that this publication on procurement guidelines in the areas of goods and works would be made use of by all stakeholders of national development in order that the overall national development goals as well as the individual organization development objectives are realized on a timely and cost effective manner.

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