A Knowledge, Attitude, Beliefs and Practices Study on Low Generics Prescribing in Ghana
(2008; 78 pages)


The study was exploratory and descriptive and employed both qualitative and quantitative methods to obtain information from prescribers in public health facilities and users of the services in the communities. Data was collected from five of the ten regions of Ghana through in-depth interviews with prescribers, indicator study and patient exit interviews in selected facilities as well as focus group discussions with users. In order to obtain qualitative insights of prescribers and users, the knowledge and management of pneumonia and hypertension were explored in detail.

The findings indicated that generally, prescribers were positively disposed towards generic medicines. They perceived them as the simplest and standard form of medication that is universal and believed to be more affordable and easy to obtain compared to branded products. In practice however, this attitude and belief does not necessarily lead to preference towards generic prescribing.

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