Multi-Country Study of Medicine Supply and Distribution Activities of Faith-Based Organizations in Sub-Saharan African Countries
(2006; 109 pages) [French]

Faith‐based organizations are part of the ʺnot‐for‐profitʺ sector and play an important role in the advocacy, financing and delivery of health care, including pharmaceutical supply services in many countries. Although nongovernmental organizationsʹ share in health service delivery and essential medicines provision varies considerably between countries, in lowincome African countries it can be as much as 50% of curative services. Studies have shown that faith‐based organizations contribute up to 40% of overall health care services in some places but their specific role in drug supply and procurement activities is not well documented. The research project reported here started from the hypothesis that these organizationsʹ contribution to national medicines supply systems would be as significant as their input to health care provision generally in sub‐Saharan African countries. During 2003, the Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network (EPN) collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO), in a descriptive, comparative multi‐country study on the work of 16 EPN member faith‐based drug supply organizations (DSOs) and their contribution to medicines supply in 11 sub‐Saharan African countries. The studyʹs approach and execution was in line with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agencyʹs objective for operational research to assist decision‐makers in identifying problems and evaluating performance in health services, including the pharmaceutical sector.
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