Regulatory Situation of Herbal Medicines - A Worldwide Review
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Under the Danish Ministry of Health Order No. 790 of 21 September 1992 [47], natural remedies covered by the authorization system are defined as follows:

- Natural remedies shall be understood to mean medicinal products in which the active substance (content) exclusively comprises naturally occurring substances in concentrations that are not substantially greater than those in which they are found in nature.

- The order applies to natural remedies intended for oral use or application on skin or mucous membranes. It does not apply to remedies containing prescription-only drugs, nor to homoeopathic medicines.

Combinations of natural remedies with added vitamins and/or minerals cannot be marketed as natural remedies. Proof of quality, safety and efficacy must be given; a bibliographic application with respect to therapeutic use is accepted if it contains descriptions in the relevant scientific literature of Europe or North America [47,48].

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