Regulatory Situation of Herbal Medicines - A Worldwide Review
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Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda became involved in a project on the economic biology of under-exploited tropical plants (EBUTROP) in October 1983 which was terminated in 1989. This project focused on development of herbaria, data bases, studies on plants for medicinal and nutritional use, training especially in phytochemical analysis, and information exchange including publications. The main objectives of this project were to compile a list of plants used traditionally in Antigua and Barbuda for medicinal purposes, to sensitize the public with respect to the advantages or disadvantages of using these plants, to train staff in phytochemical screening, to carry out phytochemical screening of a selected number of these plants, and to acquire appropriate scientific material [13].

There are no regulations existing on traditional medicines at present. The Ministry of Health is examining the possibility of establishing guidelines through the recently inaugurated Pharmacy Council to regulate the import and sale of herbal medicines. An extensive list of the plants traditionally used for medicinal purposes in Antigua and Barbuda exists which makes reference to local names, scientific names and reported uses [14].

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