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Guidelines for Drug Donations - Revised 1999
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Ver el documentoChanges incorporated into the 1999 edition
Ver el documentoI. Introduction
Ver el documentoII. The need for guidelines
Ver el documentoIII. Core principles
Abrir esta carpeta y ver su contenidoIV. Guidelines for drug donations
Abrir esta carpeta y ver su contenidoV. Other ways donors can help
Abrir esta carpeta y ver su contenidoVI. How to implement a policy on drug donations
Ver el documentoAnnex: Examples of problems with drug donations
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The following persons and organizations are thanked for their comments and other contributions to the evaluation and revision of the Guidelines: their help is gratefully acknowledged.

N.D.Achu (Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association, Cameroon), M.G.Andersen (Rotary Australia), S.Anderson (Astra Pharmaceuticals Pty. Ltd., Australia), Sr. Angelina (Trinity Hospital, Malawi), B.Assam (South West Provincial Special Fund for Health, Cameroon), S.Barbereau (Pharmaciens Sans Frontières, Comité International, France), B.Barnes (Glaxo Wellcome plc., UK), P.G.Bindokas (Humanitarian Aid Commission, Lithuania), L.Blok (MSF, Holland), O.Brasseur (International Centre for Childhood and the Family, France), A.Brúzas (Order of Malta, Lithuania), F.Bürger & K.Zwingenberger (Grünenthal GmbH, Germany), K.Carter & J.Desautelle (AmeriCares, USA), J.Chamousset (Order of Malta, Benin), L.S. Charimari (Provincial Medical Directorate, Zimbabwe), N.Chebotarenco (Association "Drugs", Republic of Moldova), P.M.Chenaparampil (Alleppey Diocesan Charitable and Social Welfare Society, India), A.Chidarikire (Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, Zimbabwe), J.C.Chin Loy (Sisters of the Poor, Philippines), Z.Chlap (Order of Malta, Poland), B.D.Colatrella (Merck & Co. Inc., USA), D.Collier (Janssen Pharmaceutica, Belgium), E.M.Connolly (Hoechst Marion Roussel Inc., USA), G.Coughlin (Order of Malta, El Salvador), A.Damdinsuren (Agency for Quality Assurance of Drugs, Mongolia), R.A.Davey (Memorial Christian Hospital, Bangladesh), C.Dedza (Mlambe Hospital, Malawi), C.Dick (Ekwendeni Hospital, Malawi), L.Dindonis (International Veterinary Educational Assistance, USA), K.Ditz (Merck KGaA, Germany), D.Djamilatou (PEV/SSP/ME, Conakry, Guinea), C.Drown, (Medical Supplies Department, Nepal), T.Dubuque (Crudem Foundation, USA), R.B.Elens (Holy Family Hospital, Malawi), K.Ellerbroek (Bayer AG, Germany), A.J.Elphick (Novo Nordisk A/S, Denmark), A.Fadoul (Centers for Development and Health, Haiti), G. Fiorentino (Order of Malta, Panama), G.Folkedal (Norway), G.-B.Forte (WHO/EURO), M.Gastellu Etchegorry (MSF, France), Cpt. N.Gaza (MOD, Zimbabwe), G.Gedevanishvili (UMCOR, Georgia), R.Geursen & G.Küsters (Hoechst Marion Roussel, Germany), P.A. Gibson (Eli Lilly and Company, USA), J.Glenn (SmithKline Beecham, USA), M.Greiff (Intercare, UK), F.C.Griz-Tesorero (Order of Malta, Chile), C.Gursky (Bayer Corporation, USA), S.Gvörgy (Malteska Dobrotvorna Organizacija, Jugoslavije), H.Haga (Nippon Glaxo Ltd.), M.Healy (Trócaire, Ireland), E.Hesse (MSF, Luxembourg), H.Hoppe (Bristol-Myers Squibb GmbH, Germany), Horizons Santé (Cameroon), B.Irvine (Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand), B.Jøldal (Sandvika Apotek, Norway), P.A.Jotterand (Pharmaciens Sans Frontières, Comité International, France), K.Kafidi (Ministry of Health and Social Services, Namibia), T.Kaneko (Kirin Brewery Co. Ltd., Japan), J.P.Kelsall (MAP International, Canada), R.V.Kesteren-Archen (International Pharmaceutical Federation, Netherlands), H.Kienzl (Zeneca GmbH, Germany), G.Kimball (UMCOR, Haiti), W.Kollmann (Knoll AG, Germany), W.Kotkowski (Sihanouk Hospital Centre of HOPE, Cambodia), J.Krauskopf (Order of Malta, Croatia), C.E.Kuhinka (Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals, USA), M.Kurian (Christian Medical Commission, Churches’ Action for Health, World Council of Churches, Switzerland), E.Larsson (DANIDA, Kenya), J.F.Ledesma (St. Luke's Medical Centre, Philippines), P.Le Jacq (Maryknoll Missioners, United Republic of Tanzania), D.Lejoyeux (Tulipe, France), J.P.Lepers (Institut Léprologie Appliquée, Senegal), D.Lockyer (Overseas Pharmaceutical Aid for Life, Australia), J.-D.Lormand (MSF, Switzerland), A.Lungu (Swaziland), J.McDonald (St. Vincent de Paul Society, Australia), H.Maisano (World Vision, Australia), J.Mamedov (UMCOR, Azerbaijan), A.Masel & K.-J. Schlabe (Berlin-Chemie AG, Germany), F.Matthys (MSF, France), S.Meier (MAP International, USA), M.Minkaila (Direction Nationale de la Santé Publique, Mali), A.Møller (Leo Pharmaceutical Products Ltd. A/S, Denmark), Mongolemimpex (Mongolia), C.Mugadza (Datlabs Pvt. Ltd., Zimbabwe), C.Y.Mwasha (Muhimbili Health Centre, United Republic of Tanzania), Y.Nakano (Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Japan), G.Nanu (Cible, Cameroon),), H.Norikyo & I.Kitamaru (Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Japan), M.O'Donohue (Catholic Medical Mission Board Inc., USA), G.B.Okelo (University of Tropical Medicine and Technology, Kenya), B.Olsen (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Switzerland), E.M.A.Ombaka (Pharmaceutical Programme, Community Initiatives Support Services International, Kenya), J.O’Neill (Save the Children Fund, Australia), Order of Malta, Dominican Republic, A.L.Oviedo (Ministerio de Salud y Previsión Social de Bolivia), D.M.Padgett (Interchurch Medical Assistance Inc., USA), R.Paltridge (Crusade Mercy Ministries, Australia), T.Parts (State Agency of Medicines, Estonia), B.Pastors (Action Medeor, Germany), C.Person (Johnson and Johnson, USA), A.Petersen (DIFÄM, Germany), Pharmaceutical Product Donation Steering Committee USA, The Pharmacist (Health Services Department, Zimbabwe), G.H. de Pommery (Oeuvres Hospitalières Françaises de l'Ordre de Malte, France), W.L.Prelesnik (International Aid Inc., USA), S.K Proctor (Mayaka Health Centre, Malawi), F.T.Puls (Memisa Medicus Mundi, Netherlands), N.Que (Christian Health Association of Malawi), M. Raijmakers (Wemos, Netherlands), Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama (India) Dr. Rakotomanana (Direction des Pharmacies, Madagascar), R.W.Rice (Asian Outreach Australia Inc., Australia), E.J.Ridder (Ministry of Development Cooperation, Netherlands), J.Rigal (MSF), C.C.Robert (Presbyterian Medical Institutions, Cameroon), M.C.Robert (Hôpital Général de Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo), L.Rolver (Nycomed Amersham, USA), J.Roos (Centro de Obras Sociales, Peru), C.J.Rumball (CAN MAP, Canada), J.Russo (Partnership for Quality Medical Donations, USA), Sr. Sabina (Our Lady of Providence Hospital, India), Sadebay (Cameroon), H.Sandbladh (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Switzerland), M.Sarkar (Community Development Medicinal Unit, India), H.Sassounian (United Armenian Fund, USA), C.Saunders (UNFPA, USA), P.Saunders (Essential Drug Project, OXFAM, UK), R.Scharf (Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion, Poland), J.Schmick (World Vision, USA), Cpt.Sekouba-Bangoura (Order of Malta, Guinea), N.S.Snarskis (Order of Malta, Latvia), B.Snell (Macfarlane Burnet Centre for Medical Research, Australia), J.A.Soltz (Prosalud, Bolivia), S. Sopczynski, (Medical Mission Sisters, Ethiopia), G.Stark (Kalene Mission Hospital, Zambia), U.Suna (Evangelical Mission Hospital, India), J.Svendsen (Interagency Procurement Services Office, United Nations Development Programme, Denmark), G. Szalay (WHO/SUP/DBP), D.W.Tarkieh (Needy Children Centre of Africa International, Ghana), L.Taylor (Kyrgyzstan), S.Teper (Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Poland), D.Thierry (Centre de Santé de Lagdo, Cameroon), K.Timmermans (WHO Office, Indonesia), M.Torongu (Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association, Zimbabwe), A.Toumi (Direction de la Pharmacie et du Médicament, Tunisia), United Nations Children’s Fund, Supply Division, Denmark, I.V.Valdés (Order of Malta, Chile), W.Vandersmissen (SmithKline Beecham, Belgium), N.van der Veer (Akzonobel, Netherlands), L.Vanoyan (UMCOR, Armenia), M.Vàzquez (MSF, Spain). R.S.Villonco (Order of Malta, Philippines), J.Volkman & F.B.Bauer (Fondación San Gabriel, Bolivia), K. Weerasuriya (Department of Pharmacology, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka), D.Whyms (DFID, Bolivia), R.Wood (Samaritans Purse - World Medical Mission, USA), G.Zeana & F.Ionescu (Asociatia Salvavita, Romania).

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