WHO Pharmaceuticals Newsletter 2005, No. 01
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MEFLOQUINE - Patient Information Leaflet to help recognize adverse symptoms

Canada. Hoffman-La Roche is introducing an updated Patient Information Leaflet in every box of mefloquine (Lariam), used in the prophylactic treatment of malaria. The updated leaflet

• is intended to help patients recognize symptoms, including the sudden onset of unexplained anxiety, depression, restlessness, irritability, confusion, a persistently abnormal heartbeat, or palpitations, that may precede rare but potentially serious psychiatric, neurologic, or cardiac adverse events;

• advises patients who develop these symptoms to contact a health-care professional to assess the need for discontinuation of Lariam® (mefloquine) treatment and,

• includes a wallet card containing a summary of the most essential information, that may be cut out and carried by the patient during travel to areas with malaria.


'Dear Health-care Professional' letter from Hoffman-La Roche, 24 January 2005. Available on the Internet at www.hc-sc.gc.ca

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