Drug Promotion - What We Know, What We Have Yet to Learn - Reviews of Materials in the WHO/HAI Database on Drug Promotion - EDM Research Series No. 032
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Abrir esta carpeta y ver su contenidoReview 1. What attitudes do professional and lay people have to promotion?
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Database entries

Depending on the source of the material, each entry has been catalogued in some or all of the following fields:

- Author

- Title

- Source (address, e-mail address etc of group/organization producing the material)

- Web site addresses where available, including sites where journal articles that are available online can be obtained

- Abstract

- Keywords

- Date material produced (for journal entries complete identifying data e.g. year, journal volume and page numbers).

Entries on studies that generated new data and/or reported specific methodological designs include notes on strengths or potential weaknesses in how the study was carried out and the limitation in the generalizability of the results.

Entry content is described in two ways: through keywords and also by putting each entry into one or more 'groups'. These groups are an additional method of broadly describing the main topics covered by the entry. A step-by-step demonstration of searching the database is included on the web site to assist users.

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