Injection Use and Practices in Uganda - EDM Research Series No. 014
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1.2 Objectives of the study

Main objectives of the Injection Practices Research are:2

1. To establish the extent to which injections are used as a route for the administration of medications.

2. To determine the type and degree of improper practices in the process of administration of injections.

3. To gain insight into why injections are so popular, and how their use can be improved.

4. To develop a simple, and rapid survey methodology for future assessment of the extent of inappropriate injection use.

2 See Report of an Informal Workshop on Injection Practices Research, May 1990: WHO/DAP/91.8.

Specific research questions are:

Concerning the types of health care providers administering injections:

1. Which health care facilities and which providers are administering injections in a certain region?

2. Which facilities or providers - both formal and informal - are most often consulted for injections?

Concerning the distribution of injections that are used:

1. Where do the health care providers obtain injections which they administer to patients? Do they obtain them from government sources or from the commercial private sector?

Concerning the indications for which injections are generally used:

1. What are the main indications for which health care providers are administering injections?

2. What are the disorders for which people seek injection treatment?

3. Why are injections chosen for these indications?

Concerning the appropriateness of injection use:

1. To what extent do people use injections to treat:

- cough and common cold
- acute diarrhoea
- fever (defined as perceived rise in body temperature)
- vomiting
- intestinal worms?

2. To what extent are injections administered in sub-standard hygienic conditions?

Concerning the reputed efficacy of injections:

1. What is the expected effect and/or experienced effect of the injection?

If appropriate:

1. Why did the provider choose an injection instead of oral medication?

2. Why did the user prefer an injection instead of oral medication?

3. Why are injections administered in an unhygienic manner? Do people lack training? Do they lack resources?

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